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AirBnb integration HomeAway integration VRBO, FlipKey, Wimdu and other integrations

Home On connects with AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO & other listing sites to automate scheduling, coordination and communication of tasks with your service professionals. In addition, after each check-out you get a report (photo & videos) with tons of information, like spot check, damage inspection, supply information, maintenance report and more.

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Imagine never having to call, text or email your service professional to clean after guest checks out. We connect with AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO & other listing sites.

Random spot checks

Request cleaning crew to do random spot checks to ensure quality and also be able to track their length of stay.

Damage inspection

Imagine receiving a photo/video damage report from your cleaning crew that you can forward to guest and handyman.

Low on supplies

Always be informed if supplies are running low and need to be re-stocked or let us automate re-ordering for you.

Maintenance inspection

Cleaning crew will examine and report (photo/vidoes) any issues that require attention, such as leaks, carpet stains, dirty windows...

Automate payments

Once your service professional checks out and uploads the report, we can auto-trigger a payment on your behalf.

Smart locks make virtual keys easy and secure

Smarter locks securely enable short term codes for guests and allow key sharing without security concern of having key duplicated. Never get locked out again or stress about coordinating guest arrivals.

Home On automates the virtual key exchange with your guests and service professionals. We support several integration to automatically schedule and deploy and cycle key codes securely.

Currently in limited Beta and planning to support Lockitron, Remote Lock and Okidokeys locks.

Yale Smart and Real Living Locks Lockstate Smart Locks Lockitron Smart Locks
Smart locks make virtual keys easy and secure
Smart cameras brings peace of mind

Smart cameras brings peace of mind

As guests and service providers visit, smart cameras can provide an accurate log and when people arrive and depart. This also provides peace of mind that the flat screen TV is not also exiting the home. Home On can help monitor time, # guests, and potential bad actors to keep your home safe.

Home On makes your camera smarter by alerting you of unusal activities when no one should be around.

Currently in limited Beta. We don't make cameras, but we work with the best.

Smart Thermostat not only warms but welcomes

Smart Thermostats can provide an easy way to save on heating bill without impacting home comfort. The Home On platform can notify the thermostat when guests are close to ensure the home is just the right temperature on arrival. And upon departure which can be triggered by a check out or geo-location, the smart thermostat can also maintain a termperature that keeps costs down and home efficiency up.

Currently in limited Beta.

Smart Thermostat not only warms but welcomes

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked

What is the cost to get started with Home On?

Home On is a Saas platform and charges monthly subscription fees. The fees vary based on number of homes and services that are activated. Since we are in pilot phase, we are waiving all the fees.

Are you a marketplace for service professionals?

We onboard the service professionals you work with on to our platform and help automate all the communications, scheduling, and payments. If you are looking for a new service professional, we would gladly make the connection.

How do service professionals provide information about the job?

Home On platform allows service professionals to manage homes, crew and jobs. Each service crew uses an app to check in to a job and capture all the requested information. With your app you can get real-time progress and updates on every job.

I rent my vacation home on Airbnb. How does Home On plug in?

Any listing site that has a calendar can be automatically pulled into the Home On platform to drive services such as key management and scheduling cleaners. You also have the option to manually create or schedule jobs.

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